Solutions for Social Work Case Management

ClientTrack is an online case management software that can simplify how your social work organization works and how you manage your clients' information. The software is highly configurable and is engineered to collaborate with multiple organizations and different systems. Created by human service professionals and experts in technology, ClientTrack is used by various organizations to track efforts and outcomes.

ClientTrack is used by varous organizations including:
HMIS / Homeless Services Community Action Agencies
Faith Based Groups Public Sector Agencies
Child and Family Service Providers Senior Care and Health Care Organizations

Key Features of ClientTrack Software for Case Management


All-In-One System Simplify your system with one solution that can manage your program needs, gather intakes, make assessments, and track outcomes. Automate complex processes, and eliminate the need to purchase seperate software solutions for seperate programs.  
Tailored Work-flows Staff and volunteers work how they like to work, and are guided through intakes that only gather the information they need.
Logic Model Responses Staff can do quicker intakes because they are assisted to ask further questions based only on previews responses (e.g., if female a set of questions regarding pregnancy appear).
Simple Interface and Workflow Intuitive design makes it easy to navigate through the system, learn the program features, and train others to gather inputs, make assessments, and run reports.
Case Notes Simplify your staff's ability to enter case notes and allow them to save time by searching thousands of records in seconds.
Automated Eligibility Determinations Immediately assess eligibility for other supportive services.
Goal Setting and Outcomes Tracking Evaluate client progress and program effectiveness. Track progress toward goals using historical data recorded at different time points.
Push-Button Grant Reports Generate various required reports within seconds.
Powerful Ad-Hoc Reporting Tools Use our Data Explorer report builder tool to create ad-hoc reports and query specific data. 
Integrated Mobile Technology Easily access ClientTrack from your smart phone, Ipad or other web-enabled mobile device. Gather inputs and access information while away from the facility.
Protected Upgrade Paths Stay ahead of the technology curve and avoid the difficulties and expenses of transferring to a new system when your current technology becomes obsolete.
Security and Encryption A Robust security model featuring heavy encryption and anonymous client data-entry ensures security, privacy, and confidentiality of client information where it matters most. 
Easy Compliance  HMIS compliant. Our expertise in human services will help ensure that your ClientTrack configuration will comply with all regulations and standards.
High Scalability ClientTrack can grow with your organization from managing a single site to multiple facilities or homes.


Top Reasons to Choose ClientTrack
Implementation takes weeks not months or years.
Integrated Mobile Technology (smart phones, Ipads, and more).
Powerful ad-hoc Reporting Tools.
ClientTrack features a Simple User Interface.
Consulting and CIS services.
World-class Support and Advocacy.


About Our Company
ClientTrack is a leading provider of case management software to human and social service organizations. Our company is comprised of individuals who have a passion and talent for both technology and human services.  Founded in 1983, ClientTrack, Inc. serves over 1,300 organizations and strives to understand the complexities and unique needs of those in the nonprofit world.

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