ClientTrack for HMIS is a sophisticated, comprehensive case management and housing solution that focuses on meeting the needs of HMIS ( Homeless Management Information System ) continuum member agencies. ClientTrack is a HUD Compliant solution that enables HMIS coalitions to deliver critical emergency shelter and housing services while collecting all required HUD APR and AHAR data. The application can be tailored to meet the unique needs of all organizations in a continuum. 

Key Features of ClientTrack for HMIS


Full Homeless Management Information System Compliance You're covered immediately with all required forms, business rules, and workflows for the collection of Universal Data, Program Data, HPRP Data, and Program Data Descriptors data sets.
Simple Interface and Workflow Intuitive design makes it easy to navigate through the system, learn the program features, and train others to gather inputs, make assessments, and run reports.
All-In-One Solution Simplify your technology through one solution that manages referrals, group services, eligibility determination, and other ancillary services that may be unique to your organization.
Integrated HMIS Reports Save valuable time with integrated HMIS reports including: APR, AHAR, HPRP, QPR, HOPWA.
Powerful Reporting Tools Over 100 standard reports, plus our Data Explorer tool enables you to build ad-hoc reports to query specific data. Showcase your outcomes to stakeholders and your community with stunning (built-in) reports, graphs, and charts.
Multiple Import / Export Capabilities Simplifies data sharing between systems without the need for expensive development.
Visual Housing Management Tool Users can easily manage capacity with immediate access to information about available rooms or beds in local facilities
Mobile Technology Easily access ClientTrack from your smart phone, Ipad, or other mobile device. Gather inputs and access critical information while in the field.
Continuous Updates Compliance is ensured now and in the future.


Top Reasons to Choose ClientTrack
World-class Support and Advocacy.
Implementation takes weeks not months or years.
ClientTrack features a simple interface and workflow.
Integrated mobile technology (smart phones, Ipads, and more).
Powerful ad-hoc reporting tools.
Improve your Efficiency and Collaboration.
Consulting and CIS services.


About Our Company
ClientTrack is a leading provider of HMIS Software technology solutions for HMIS coalitions and human service organizations. Founded in 1983, our company is comprised of individuals who have a passion and talent for using technology to make human service organizations successful. At ClientTrack we currently serve hundreds of organizations and strive to understand the complexities and unique needs of those serving in the human services and nonprofit world.

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